Blue State Sent Spinning By Something Completely And Totally Unexpected…

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We’ve come to expect blue, Democrat-led states to be the poster children for idiotic decisions. Just look at the largest liberal states in the country. Their Democrat lawmakers keep passing bills that have destroyed entire communities. Homelessness is rampant. Crime is out of control. And the state governments keep spending money they don’t have.

One blue state was ready to follow the likes of Illinois and Hawaii. They were considering a bill that would have not only endangered residents but put an entire industry at risk. And, of course, the majority within the committee were Democrats so–all hope was lost. Then, this happened.

From Just the News:

A bill to ban firearms described as “assault weapons” failed to advance out of the Colorado House Judiciary Committee early Thursday after a 13-hour hearing.

House Bill 23-1230, sponsored by Rep. Elisabeth Epps, D-Denver, would have prohibited the manufacturing, importing, purchasing, or selling of an assault weapon, among other restrictions. The bill was postponed indefinitely on an 8-5 vote. Reps. Lindsey Daugherty, D-Arvada, Bob Marshall, D-Highlands Ranch, Said Sharbini, D-Thornton, Marc Snyder, D-Manitou Springs, joined the committee’s four Republicans in voting to postpone.

Wow. One radical Democrat in the Colorado House was pushing for an “assault weapons” ban. The bill, if passed, would have banned the manufacturing, importing, purchasing, or selling of what Democrats refer to as assault weapons.

Normally, they mean semi-automatic rifles, one of the most common firearms used by hunters and those seeking home defense. But the vague term “assault weapon” could be used to ban many more guns.

To the shock of perhaps more than a few, other Democrats within the state legislature voted to postpone the bill indefinitely, meaning it would not move to a full state House vote. These Democrats joined Republicans to vote it down.

Who would have seen that coming?

Had Colorado banned assault weapons, it would have damaged the state in more ways than one. Colorado is one of many states with beautiful, rural areas, ripe for hunting. It’s no secret hunters love using rifles of all kinds. Banning “assault weapons” could have harmed the industry. Not to mention deprive Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights.

I’m sure Democrats in other states are foaming at the mouth over this defeat.