Biden’s White House Will Force Fed. Workers to Travel ‘Green’


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) Under Joe Biden’s administration, federal workers will be forced to use electric vehicles [EV], trains and other “green” public transportation options when conducting official business.

The White House that issued new guidance said the actions fulfill Biden’s promise to “lead by example” on tackling climate change, according to Slay News.

The news source added that the new “green” rules seek to take advantage of the federal government’s annual business travel purchasing power of $2.8 billion and status as the nation’s largest employer.

It was also revealed that last year, government employees on official business took more than 2.8 million flights, made 2.3 million vehicle rentals and took 33,000 rail trips.

“These operational changes will accelerate the clean transportation transformation, increase good-paying union jobs, and create healthier communities. President Biden’s Federal Sustainability Plan aims to reach net-zero emissions from overall Federal operations by 2050, including a 65 percent emissions reduction by 2030,” the White House said in its Dec. 14, 2023, statement.

The White House said that the rules would also apply to the international trips.

“Through new Federal employee travel guidelines issued today, the Biden-Harris Administration is advancing this goal by directing Federal agencies to prioritize the use of sustainable transportation for official and local travel, both domestically and internationally,” the administration said.

Government employees will be expected to rent an EV on official travel when the cost of the vehicle is less than or equal to the most affordable comparable gas-powered vehicle available.

In addition to that, the employees must opt for EVs when using taxis and ride-share platforms when they are cost-competitive and only use rail on trips that require less than 250 miles of travel instead of driving or flying.

The employees will be required to use public transportation for local travel, which also includes travel upon arriving at an offsite location.

“This will save taxpayer money and reduce pollution that jeopardizes people’s health and fuels the climate crisis,” the White House said.