Biden’s False Ground Zero Claim and Disturbing Beau Comparison Ignite Fury


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) President Joe Biden’s Monday speech in Alaska has stirred controversy not only for his comparison between his son Beau Biden’s death and the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001, but also for a demonstrable lie made about Ground Zero.

During his speech, Biden falsely asserted that he was present at Ground Zero on Sept. 12, 2001, the day after the terrorist attacks, adding to the scrutiny surrounding his remarks.

Addressing the audience, Biden stated, “To anyone here or anyone here or across the country grieving a lost child, parents, friend or co-worker, to all those that bear the wounds from the searing September morning, I know how hard it is on a day like this.”

In the same speech, Biden made another statement that has come under scrutiny. He falsely claimed to have been present at Ground Zero the day after the terrorist attacks. However, according to CSPAN video records, Biden delivered a speech before the Senate Floor on that day, not in New York City.

“I join you on this solemn day to renew our sacred vow: never forget; never forget; we never forget,” Biden began. “Each of us, each of those precious lives stolen too soon when evil attacked Ground Zero in New York. I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building. I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell. It looked so devastating.”

Reactions to these remarks have been swift. Critics have accused Biden of either being dishonest or having a lapse in memory. Twitter account End Wokeness tweeted that Biden’s claim “never happened.” Collin Rugg, co-founder of Trending Politics, asked, “Is Joe Biden a liar, dumb, or both?”

Prominent Twitter account ALX pointed out, “You would think one would remember voting on a resolution to condemn the worst attack on American soil the day after it happened.” New York Post columnist Miranda Devine commented, “I can’t remember Biden being at Ground Zero on September 12.”

Fox News guest host Guy Benson chimed in, saying, “It may be too much to ask of Joe Biden, but since he chose to become the first POTUS not to attend a memorial at one of the attack sites on a 9/11 anniversary, he could’ve at least had the decency to get all the details correct when he finally delivered his remarks.”

Biden’s contentious remarks come two days after veterans slammed him for failing to visit Ground Zero or making remarks from the White House on Sept. 11. Mark Geist, a Marine Corps veteran, told the Washington Examiner, “By not visiting the sites, President Biden will miss an opportunity to demonstrate his dedication to upholding the values and principles that define our nation, and it may leave some questioning his understanding of the significance of this solemn day in American history.”