Biden Wanted Garland to Rig Hur Report; AG Likely to be Ousted After 2024


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A Friday report unveiled yet another instance of apparent hypocrisy in President Joe Biden’s weaponization of the DOJ, triggered directly from the president’s mishandling of classified documents.

According to Politico, Biden is frustrated with Attorney General Merrick Garland—the supposed independent cabinet member appointee—for not sufficiently shielding him from the damning report issued by Special Counsel Robert Hur, where the president’s mental acuity was questioned.

While Hur mentioned that Biden “willfully” retained classified documents, he declined to recommend charges, citing the president’s age and failure to remember key details properly—factors necessary to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed.

Politico reported that Biden and his allies claim Hur’s assessment was inappropriate and are now placing blame on Garland, who could potentially be ousted if Biden is re-elected in 2024. “This has been building for a while. No one is happy,” a source told Politico.

Biden criticized how federal prosecutors scrutinized his son, Hunter Biden, raising concerns that the criminal investigation could push Hunter Biden into addiction. Specifically, Biden stated that Garland should have rejected U.S. District Attorney David Weiss’s request for a special counsel appointment.

Hunter Biden currently faces a criminal indictment over his failure to pay taxes and the alleged illegal purchase of a weapon. Such an indictment was on the verge of being avoided in a sweetheart deal that crumbled under scrutiny by a federal judge. Following the defunct deal, Weiss, leading the investigation, requested special counsel status, which Garland granted.

Politico reported that Biden “grumbled” to aides, asserting that Garland should have “moved sooner” in the investigation of his leading political opponent, Donald Trump, and the alleged interference in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden’s frustration appears to contradict his earlier assertion that Garland would be an independent cabinet member. “Your loyalty is not to me,” Biden said at the time, according to Politico. “You won’t work for me. You are not the president or the vice president’s lawyer.”