Biden Pressures Amazon to Suppress Books that Question COVID-19 Vax


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) It was recently revealed that Amazon caved under pressure from the Biden regime to suppress books that opposed the mainstream narrative regarding COVID-19.

The emails that were obtained by the House Judiciary Committee and shared with the Daily Signal showed that the White House told Amazon to suppress “anti-vax books” and the company decided to take action against the books.

The news source reported that employees from Amazon strategized for a meeting with the White House on March 9, 2021, openly asking whether the regime wanted the company to remove the books that questioned the narrative about the coronavirus from its catalog.

“Is the [a]dmin asking us to remove books, or are they more concerned about search results/order (or both)?” one employee asked.

Andrew Slavitt who was then working as a senior adviser on Joe Biden’s COVID-19 response team was allegedly the person who was involved in the censorship the most.

“Who can we talk to about the high levels of propaganda and misinformation and disinformation [on] Amazon?” he asked.

Slavitt’s far-left behavior was revealed after Elon Musk bought Twitter in October 2022 and the internal files of the social media company were released both in 2022 and 2023.

Amazon’s case was not the only time when Slavitt used his power to silence everyone who doesn’t accept the regime’s narrative regarding COVID-19, with him repeatedly forcing social media companies to suppress anyone who opposed the propaganda about the coronavirus vaccines.

Slavitt complained to Amazon staff on March 2, 2021, about the search results for “vaccines” under the “Books” category.

“… I see what comes up. I haven’t looked beyond that, but if that’s what’s on the surface, it’s concerning,” he said.

Amazon employees tried to push back by saying that they wouldn’t do a “manual intervention” on March 3, 2021, but then they eventually surrendered and moved to “widen the searchlight flag for COVID-19 [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] website re-direct so that it comes to the top of the page on more search keys.”

The Signal reported that Amazon’s decision on March 9, 2021, to change the algorithm to avoid promoting “anti-vax books” appeared to have happened right after the meeting with White House staff.