Biden Nailed with A Damaging Report That Will Send Him Back To The…

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Democrats have hurled accusations of racism at Donald Trump from the moment he came down that escalator in 2015, and at times they convinced their own party of it. But then it backfired when they began to hurl accusations against their own voter base for daring to question their values.

Like Trump, Biden is also desperately trying to maintain support and gain votes. One of his voting blocs is simply nowhere near as supportive of him as they were when he entered office.

From Fox News:

While the president maintains Black voter support, it has sharply declined since taking office and comes with much less enthusiasm. According to the Associated Press, around 58 percent approve of his job handling. Just 41 percent of Black adults said they wanted Biden to run for a second term, while only 55 percent said they would likely support him in the general election.

I’d say these numbers are a 5-alarm fire compared to how solid support from black voters have been in the past. Having just over half when he was previously pulling 90% is devastating in an election.

We might look at some of the longer-term effects of Blexit. A movement that formed in 2016, Blexit encourages economic independence, individual freedom, family values, and patriotism among Black Americans, according to the Blexit Foundation.

But Biden did not become president until 2021. So, what gives?

It turns out that Democrat black voters are concerned with similar issues as those who got into Blexit or otherwise started leaning towards conservative. As in, money.

Because money talks. Because at the end of the day, vague talk about community, history, and change is just words.

Many consider him responsible for the high gas prices, food shortages, and lack of jobs. And that’s just scratching the surface.

There’s also the issue of personal safety. Rioting, looting, vandalism, gang violence, police brutality, mass shootings in gun-free zones, and a flood of illegal immigrants are all things that have become serious issues since Biden entered office.

These things disproportionally affect black communities in urban areas. I’d be sick and tired of a guy who promises the world and doesn’t deliver, too.

And if he can’t improve the economy, guess what? They have other candidates they can vote for.

Democrats expect their supporters to “vote blue no matter who.” But black voters are finding that their values don’t really align with the party anymore.

Biden absolutely needs black voter support to win in 2024. Unfortunately for him, most want a presidential candidate who practices what they preach.