Biden Just Got Torched by 11 States



Biden Just Got Torched by 11 States – They Make Power Move to Stop Biden’s ‘Illegal’ Plot

President Biden is facing a litany of problems to his reelection bid. His approval is very low. Polling shows major Democrat voting blocs turning on him. He has a third-party candidate that might take many voters away from him. And Donald Trump will be hammering him for months.

What is a failed president to do, when facing such terrible odds?

It seems Biden is looking to once again bribe millions of Americans. Despite being struck down as illegal by the Supreme Court, he’s at it again. And now, a team of attorneys general are throwing down the gauntlet.

From Washington Examiner:
Biden announced in 2022 that he’d “cancel” $10,000 of federal student debt per borrower, only to see his plan ruled illegal by the Supreme Court. He has since announced another $144 billion in student debt writeoffs and created a program to lower future payments, but he was slapped with a new lawsuit by a coalition of Republican-led states on Thursday.

Eleven Republican-led states are suing Biden over yet-another attempt at canceling student loan debt. The Supreme Court ruled that Biden’s previous scheme, which was launched just months before the 2022 midterms, was illegal.

The court ruled that the Constitution only allows Congress to make large spending decisions. Biden did it through executive order, violating the separation of powers.

Now, he is trying to find another way to bypass the Supreme Court and hand out student loan forgiveness. This time, it will cost taxpayers at least $144 billion. Previously, working Americans were outraged that Biden would force them to pay for other people’s college tuition—when many Americans never went to college.

But the scheme paid off, winning over students who no longer had to pay off loans they agreed to take.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, Biden has tried to find loopholes in the decision. But it appears Biden is blatantly defying the highest court tin the land, to buy votes just before the election.

Some experts claim Biden’s latest plan could add $475 billion to the national debt over the next 10 years. But Biden doesn’t seem to care, as long as he can stay in power.