Biden Judge Dresses Down DOJ for Hypocrisy over House Subpoenas


“There’s a person in jail right now because you all brought a criminal lawsuit against him because he did not appear for a House subpoena,” Reyes said, alluding to Navarro, who ignored a subpoena from House Democrats’ partisan Jan. 6 Committee.

Reyes was commenting on the case because the House Judiciary Committee sued last month in an attempt to enforce its subpoena of DOJ attorneys Mark Daly and Jack Morgan, both of whom were to testify related to the impeachment probe.

“The Committee’s need for Daly’s and Morgan’s testimony was urgent,” the Republicans’ motion for the emergency order said. “Every day that they defy the Committee’s Subpoenas delays and hinders its investigation at a time when the Committee is seeking to conclude its fact gathering.”

Daly and Morgan were assigned to the Justice Department’s probe into Hunter Biden’s finances, which, thus far, has resulted in 12 charges after other whistleblowers testified in Congressional committee about the pair’s efforts to slow-walk—and ultimately derail—the criminal investigation into the president’s son.

Reyes accused them of “flouting those subpoenas” and believing wrongly that they “don’t have to show up.”

The judge also pointed out that the DOJ already has thrown one of its political adversaries in jail for the same thing, with ex-Trump campaign adviser and conservative impresario Steve Bannon facing the possibility of a jail sentence, as well.