Biden Implies Putin Killed Russian Mercenary Leader; Others Say Hillary Did It


(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) With multiple media outlets reporting that Russian mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin was killed in a plane crash Wednesday, a befuddled President Joe Biden admitted to reporters that he was clueless about the situation, and then strongly implied that Vladimir Putin likely had him assassinated.

When asked for his reaction to the reported plane crash in Russia, Biden initially seemed to reference a comment he made after Prigozhin led a mutiny against Russia’s army leaders.

“I’d be careful what I rode in,” Biden said Wednesday, echoing his remark from July when he said of Prigozhin, “”If I were he, I’d be careful what I ate. I’d be keeping my eye on my menu,” according to Reuters.

When pressed for his assessment of Wednesday’s developments, Biden offered, “I don’t know for a fact what happened but I’m not surprised,” before casually tossing out, “There’s not much that happens in Russia that Putin is not behind. But I don’t know enough to know the answer. I’ve been working out for the last hour and a half.”

While Biden was busy allegedly working out, it was reported that a plane carrying three crew members and seven passengers that was en route from Moscow to St. Petersburg went down in flames, according to officials cited by Russia’s state news agency Tass.

An official also claimed to have spoken with Wagner commanders from Prigozhin’s mercenary force, who confirmed that the rebel leader was on board.

While Biden was left clueless about the fiery crash and pointed fingers at Putin, Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec pointed in another direction.

“You know, Hillary believed Prigozhin stole the 2016 election,” he cracked of the Deplorable one. “I bring this up for no reason whatsoever.”

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