Biden Family Tried to Help Chinese Firm to Buy U.S. Energy Assets, James Biden Said


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Joe Biden’s brother, James, told the FBI that his corrupt family unsuccessfully tried to help a Chinese Communist Party-linked company as part of a lucrative business deal.

The Biden family wanted to help the company buy key U.S. energy assets, even though they knew that the firm’s leader is tied directly to Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping, Slay News reported.

“James [Biden] noted [Hunter] portrayed CEFC to him as Chairman Ye was a protégé of President Xi,” FBI agents said.

Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga., responded to the revelation by issuing a fiery response, in which he blasted Joe as a “traitor” for pursuing the deal.

“It just means it’s even worse than even I thought it was that they would go that far… I don’t understand how much more of a traitor you could be than to do such a thing,” Scott said.

The GOP also revealed that Hunter referred to his father as “my family’s only asset.”

Hunter made the reference in June 2017 while discussing his family’s overseas business ventures, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo., said.

“It’s plane [sic] f—ing English. Why in gods [sic] name would I give this marginal bully the keys [to] my family’s only asset?” a text message from June 6, 2017 said.

Smith said that these documents helped to see a clearer connection between “Joe Biden, his public office and Hunter Biden’s global influence-peddling scheme that resulted in over $20 million in payments to the Biden family,” in addition to the information that was already released to the public.

“The evidence shows a pattern of Hunter Biden creating for-profit entities to shield at least $20 million from foreign sources from taxes and hide the trail of payments that led to members of the Biden family,” Smith said.

He also questioned the corrupt Justice Department and Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal.

“The growing body of evidence further calls into question the Justice Department’s attempted sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden and the reasons for appointing the architect of that plea deal as the special counsel for Hunter Biden’s case, in light of officials’ efforts to protect President Biden and his son,” Smith said.