Biden Evicts Dog from White House as Animal Abuse Uncovered in Lawsuit


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) President Joe Biden evicted his infamous German Shepherd, Commander, from the White House premises, after the dog savagely attacked several Secret Service agents and other aides, Politico reported on Thursday.

A spokesperson for “Dr.” Jill Biden confirmed the Commander’s removal in statements to Politico. “Commander is not presently on the White House campus while next steps are evaluated,” she claimed. It took multiple attacks for the Biden family to act.

Shortly after the news, Biden faced accusations that he had abused the dog. A viral video footage emerged showing the president kicking one of his dogs as they disembarked Air Force One. Dr. Robert Malone, a prominent vaccine critic, said that Commander’s behavior could be attributed to potential abuse.

“In most cases, this behavior is caused by a trauma in the dog’s past,” he said in a lengthy Thursday post on Twitter. “Fear aggression is often caused by abuse (for instance, a dog getting physically punished or mistreated). The fact that this is at least the SECOND dog that has developed aggression is not a good look for the Biden family.”

Commander becomes the second canine to be expelled from the White House, following the removal of Major earlier this year. As reported by Fox on Sept. 27, the last incident involving Commander raised concerns over accountability, particularly given that it marked the 11th known attack by a Biden pet. 

Conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch, which first exposed the series of dog attacks on Secret Service agents, took legal action against the Biden administration, seeking records related to Commander’s behavior and the president’s lack of prompt action. 

“It is beyond belief that, even after Judicial Watch exposed their attacking 10 Secret Service personnel, Joe and Jill Biden have continued to let their dog menace and attack Secret Service and White House staff. Let’s be blunt: the dangerous dog could kill someone,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The ongoing Biden administration cover-up of the Biden dog attacks on Secret Service agents is dangerous corruption.”

Commenting on the situation, Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany humorously quipped, “Sweetheart deal for Hunter. Sweetheart deal for Commander.” Fox News co-host Emily Compagno echoed the sentiment, saying, “This is such a travesty. Rules for you, not for thee. If your dog bites someone, he is euthanized or put on notice and the second bite he is euthanized.”

Commander’s reckless behavior has added another layer of controversy to an already tumultuous White House, beset by issues ranging from border chaos to impeachment inquiries and even a bribery scandal involving Hunter Biden.