Biden DOJ Seeks to Jail Woman Behind Ashley’s Diary that Unveiled ‘Inappropriate’ Showers


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Federal prosecutors are demanding jail time for the woman who took Ashley Biden’s infamous diary and sold it to Project Veritas for $20,000. The demand for jail time is a significant shift from prosecutors’ previous request for home confinement.

In a Tuesday letter addressed to Judge Laura Swain, prosecutors demanded that Aimee Harris—who pleaded guilty to taking Biden’s diary from a Florida home—receive a sentence ranging from four to 10 months, along with three years of supervised release, as reported by The Hill on Thursday.

This petition marks a stark departure from the initial request for six months of home confinement, with prosecutors attributing this significant change to the delays caused by Harris during her sentencing hearing.

According to The Hill, Harris’s sentencing was postponed due to difficulties in arranging childcare for her children, illness and failure to obtain necessary travel identification. She is now scheduled for a hearing on April 9. 

Prosecutors claim that Harris was temporarily residing in Biden’s Florida home in September 2020 when she came across the diary, which allegedly contained “highly personal entries,” including tax records and family photos. 

Leaked pages from the diary surfaced in a National File report, revealing sections where Biden allegedly recounted instances of sexual trauma, including suspicions of molestation.

Among these pages, Biden purportedly recalled “showers w/ my dad,” deeming them “probably not appropriate.” 

Project Veritas has since released audio of Biden confirmed that the diary belonged to her. Even left-wing fact-checkers have not ruled that the diary does not belong to Biden.

In the six-page letter to Judge Swain, District Attorney Damian Willis delivered a scathing critique of Harris’s alleged unwarranted delays in the sentencing trial.

“At bottom, the defendant’s flagrant disrespect for the law, including the orders of this Court—even after pleading guilty in this case—demonstrates an abdication of responsibility for her conduct and strongly militates for an incarceratory sentence,” Willis wrote.

He further elaborated: “In particular, the defendant has shown to be completely unamenable to court supervision such that a sentence involving merely probation will not be sufficient to deter the defendant from continuing to flout the law.”

In August 2022, Harris, along with Robert Kurlander, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property from an immediate family member of a former government official who was running for national office.

The guilty plea came after an aggressive investigation against multiple individuals, including Project Veritas journalists who held on the diary but did not publish so over authenticity concerns.

The jail-time demand appears to echo that of the aggressive investigation, several conservatives suggested on Twitter: