Biden Admits Hatred of Trump’s ‘America First’ in New Viral Video


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) President Joe Biden’s candid remarks have stirred controversy and ignited a flurry of reactions from critics about the foreign policy of former President Donald Trump.

During a press conference on Friday, the President fielded inquiries from reporters related to a trilateral summit with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. When asked about his stance on foreign policy, particularly concerning the “America First” approach advocated by his predecessor, Biden didn’t mince words about his opposition.

“First of all, look. There’s not much, if anything, I agree on with my predecessor on foreign policy,” Biden claimed, in response to the AP reporter.

The president added, “America First policy, walking away from the rest of the world, has made us weaker, not stronger. America is strong with our allies and our alliances, and that’s why we will endure, and it’s a strength that, quite frankly, that increases all our three nations.”

Biden also claimed his administration is making what he called institutional changes in how countries deal with each other.

“This is just about one summit,” Biden continued. “What makes today different is it actually launches a series of initiatives that are actually institutional changes in how we deal with one another — in security cooperation, economic cooperation, technology cooperation, development cooperation, consultation exercises.”

However, Biden’s remarks did not go unnoticed by proponents of the “America First” doctrine as critics were quick to voice their discontent.

On social media platforms and in public statements, figures such as Jack Posoviec expressed their disapproval of the President’s remarks, labeling him as anti-American and out of touch with the nation’s interests. “And there it is, folks,’ Posobiec said in a tweet.

Similarly, popular X (formerly Twitter) page “ProudElephant” reacted to the video with a fiery caption. “Could this guy get any dumber?” the social media page said. Christian Collins, the founder of Texas Youth Summitt, echoed the criticism, saying, “Biden is nothing more than a globalist puppet.”

The video’s circulation even extended to media personalities like podcast host Anthony Cumia, who vehemently criticized the president’s words. “This guy is a demented piece of s**t,” Cumia stated.

The same AP reporter pressed Biden about the contentious appointment of a special counsel to investigate his son’s business dealings. Biden claimed he had no comment about the scathing developments of the federal investigation.

Biden’s full press conference can be watched below: