Biden Admin. to Spend $1M to Study ‘Latina Resistance’


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) The Biden-controlled National Science Foundation, the government agency that is supposed to promote scientific progress, will give away over a million taxpayer dollars to DEI propaganda of “Latina resistance” and “intraminority solidarity.”

The NSF, which controls $9.9 billion of federal money and exists to “promote the progress of science,” “advance the national health” and “secure the national defense,” pledged $498,271 to a three-year study at Loyola University Maryland focused on “Latinas resistance behaviors in engineering programs at predominantly white institutions” as part of its DEI agenda, the Daily Wire reported.

Additionally, the NSF granted another $618,465 to support a study at the University of Washington centered around “promoting intraminority solidarity.” The study will especially concentrate on looking into “how different framings of racism influence Asian Americans’ intraminority solidarity with black Americans.”

The news source reported that the stated goal of the “Latina resistance” study is centered around “oppressive racist and sexist” structures in “STEM space.”

“Guided by a combination of LatCrit theory of resistance, intersectionality and cultural wealth model (CWM), the goal of this project is to investigate how Latinas choose to engage in various resistance behaviors,” the description of the federally-funded study said.

The leftists continued revealing the far-left bias of their study by writing that a bunch of woke universities started opposing non-whites.

“This project aims to investigate how Latinas choose to engage in various resistance behaviors in different engineering cultures and campus climates and how these different cultures and campus climates influence their resistance,” the description added.

Qi Shi, the Director of the university’s Center for Equity, Leadership and Social Justice in Education, was awarded the grant.

The Wire reported that the study on “intraminority solidarity” is aimed at analyzing “allyship” between minority groups — specifically between black and Asian Americans — as a result of “racism” in society.

“Understanding how different framings for intergroup conflict affect allyship from members of other minority groups is important for building a more comprehensive understanding of intergroup relations,” the project’s description said.

Sapna Cheryan, a professor at the University of Washington’s Department of Psychology, received the grant.