Alcohol-Abusing MSNBC Shill Defends Hunter Biden by Citing Her own Addiction


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) An MSNBC political analyst cited her history of addiction in a brazen attempt to defend Hunter Biden, the embattled son of President Joe Biden. 

In a Sunday column for MSNBC, Molly Jong-Fast argued that addiction is a “disease” and that individuals who struggle with it “are sick, not bad.”  

This defense appears to be a desperate attempt to elicit sympathy for Hunter Biden, who is currently embroiled in multiple scandals and facing two criminal indictments.

“Huge swaths of the country are affected by alcohol and drug addiction that affects not just them, but their family members and people who are even tangentially connected to them — the parents, grandparents and kids and brothers and sisters and acquaintances of the addict,” Jong-Fast added.

Hunter Biden is currently on trial for allegedly lying on a federal gun purchase form about his drug abuse. 

Despite initially denying his addiction, Hunter Biden later admitted in his memoir, Beautiful Things: A Memoir, to smoking crack cocaine every 15 minutes—a far cry from the image of a reformed individual.

During a Monday interview on the anti-Trump show Morning Joe with host Joe Scarborough, Jong-Fast attempted to align her struggles with Hunter Biden’s.

“There is a reason why these, you know, drugs are a problem in this country and it’s largely because of addiction,” she asserted, seemingly downplaying his severe and illegal actions. 

Jong-Fast’s attempt to mitigate Hunter Biden’s alleged criminal behavior overlooks the fact that his illegal activities occurred when he was between 45 and 48 years old. However, in Hunter Biden’s case, this appeared to be a pattern of reckless behavior. 

Furthermore, Hunter Biden is also facing a criminal trial for allegedly failing to pay taxes for several years, highlighting a continuous disregard for the law. 

Later in her piece, Jong-Fast claimed, “I came forward partially because I wanted to destigmatize this, and I feel like for a long time, alcoholism and addiction was this terrible secret we didn’t talk about.” 

Jong-Fast’s claims appear to be a thinly veiled attempt to shield Hunter Biden from criticism. 

She added, “I feel like for me, because I’ve been sober since I was a teenager, I have this ability to talk about it in a way that’s a little bit removed from the disease.”