After Jack Daniels Airs Woke Drag Queen Ad Something Happened That…

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After Jack Daniels Airs Woke Drag Queen Ad – Seconds Later, The Social Media World Erupts

The “woke” agenda is spreading fast, especially in the world of advertising and entertainment. Multiple big-name companies like Anheuser-Busch have already taken the plunge.

As expected, this has generated a rash of pushback from millions of Americans who are tired of having this crammed down their throats 24/7.

And they’re once again targeting another American company that has bowed to the woke mob.

This time it’s whiskey giant Jack Daniels, whose 2021 drag queen campaign has resurfaced — and it’s getting plenty of flak.

The ad set featured drag queens from Ru Paul’s Drag Race and it was called the “small town, big pride” campaign. This was released during pride month and showed off a series of videos called “Drag Queen Summer Glamp.”

This has been promoted on the company’s website, and says “Jack Fire and Pride go together like cinnamon and whiskey.”

A Jack Daniel’s spokesperson told Newsweek that the company makes products “with everyone in mind, including the LGBTQ+ community. As a longtime champion of the LGBTQ+ community, Jack Daniel’s celebrates individuality and living life boldly on your own terms.”

Various drag queens, like Trinity the Tuck and Manila Luzon, applauded the decision and said it should be “celebrated.”

But that’s not what’s happening on social media right now.

For example, Clay Travis wrote on Twitter:

Oli London followed this with a tweet and the popular #GoWokeGoBroke hashtag:

Other Twitter users quickly jumped on the bandwagon, saying they’ll never buy Jack Daniels again:

Country western star Travis Tritt:

Though this campaign is a couple years old, it resurfaced at a time when the woke agenda is more prominent than ever before.

Most that push back against it say they never had a problem with gay or trans individuals, but now that such individuals appear to be clearly promoted, encouraged, and given special treatment, they’re sick of such campaigns.

Big companies believe it’s the “moral” thing to do, so they’re going to do it.

The question now is, will they continue to suffer – as some reports have indicated – by appealing to the wrong demographic, and alienating millions of customers at the same time?



7 thoughts on “After Jack Daniels Airs Woke Drag Queen Ad Something Happened That…

  1. Jack has lost a lifelong (80 years old) consumer. Never another DROP of any kind of Jack!

  2. Just drink Jack Daniels Whiskey and you too can become a “Drag Queen”, and will make your children proud of you.

  3. Usually, ad campaigns hire famous or/and attractive people, that they believe the general public want to be like, in order to get the public to want to purchase the product being advertised and use it like the famous and attractive people do, so they can think they are just like those famous and attractive people, and that is from basic 101 advertisement school, that apparently those advertisement executives working for Jack Daniels failed, and Jack Daniels failed to understand too, and apparently liked the “Drag Queens” that only homosexuals like. So now Jack Daniels wants everyone to know that if you want to be a homosexual, then you should drink their whiskey. And I just can’t stop laughing!

  4. I’ve been drinking Jack since 1969, I’ve even been to the distillery a few times——————————————————–but I guess now it’s going to be Jim Beame, and Buffalo Trace, with a touch of Yellowstone!~

  5. I believe they’re going to change their logo now to,”STORMY JACKIE D”S CANDY-ASS SIPPIN’ WHISKEY”…One sip and you feel like a two dollar hooker!!!!!!!

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