After Biden Pushes His Woke “Education” On the Entire World, Someone Stepped Up And…

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It seems like the Biden administration isn’t content with just ruining America — Old Joe is determined to force radical, socialist policies onto every corner of the globe.

After all, what good is it if America “goes woke,” but not the rest of the civilized world?

The Biden administration decided to force a highly controversial curriculum onto all nations, through the UN. This content is consistent with the unacceptable ideas pushed by public school teachers–and has been banned by numerous red states.

The move by Joe was so shocking, it landed him a rebuke by no less than two dozen nations.

From The Post Millennial:

Over two dozen nations from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe rejected a resolution promoting ‘sexuality education’ proposed by the Biden Administration, the European Union, and other Western nations at a United Nations annual population conference last month.

Yikes. How shameful is it that foreign nations had to criticize America for its inappropriate “sexuality education”?

Biden and other leftist politicians were pushing for a resolution that included “comprehensive sexuality education,” an idea that mainstream teachers in this country are unfortunately embracing.

You know what that means:

Democrats and other socialists wanted to impose a “woke” set of guidelines for education onto all UN member nations. That would have most certainly included teaching that exposed transgenderism and homosexuality to young children.

Ironically, nations other than America decided to stand up for traditional values.

Those included countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Obviously, countries already corrupted by woke politics in Western Europe and North America embraced Biden’s agenda.

This officially proves that the Western world is no longer the protector of traditional morals and values. Our government has rejected Judeo-Christian principles in exchange for radical immorality under the guise of “progressivism.”

Why is that Moldova is doing more to protect our children from immoral content than the United States of America?

We only have one person to blame: Joe Biden. Until this crooked administration is brought to an end, this will only get worse. And parents around the world will see the consequences.