After Biden Maked A Jaw-Dropping Border Move, Something Happened That Will…

In the News

Joe Biden has done a good job of destroying the U.S. border. Since day one of his administration, Biden and his goons have turned a blind eye to what’s been going on down South. Millions of illegal aliens have bombarded the border. Biden has refused to deport anyone.

But things are poised to get even worse when Title 42 expires. This rule allowed Border Patrol to expel illegals from detention centers, due to COVID. With that gone, even more aliens are going to barge their way into the United States. And now, Biden has just made a move nobody was expecting.

From Fox News:

The Biden administration has approved sending 1,500 active duty U.S. troops to the southern border in the coming days amid concerns that tens of thousands of migrants will surge into the country once Title 42 is lifted, sources tell Fox News.

Biden will be sending 1,500 American servicemen to address what could be tens of thousands of illegals ready to cross the border. You know, he wouldn’t have to go to such lengths, had he been enforcing immigration law from the start.

These illegals, along with human smugglers, drug runners, and sex traffickers, wouldn’t be so eager to enter illegally, without Biden letting them. For over two years, Joe has deliberately neglected the border, so millions of outsiders can invade the U.S.

What good are 1,500 soldiers going to do? Are they actually going to arrest and deport these aliens? Doubt it. Biden is just making a show of force to trick Americans into thinking he is doing something.

We don’t need soldiers at the border (unless it is to send them into Mexico to take down the cartels). We need actual DHS agents and Border Patrol officers allowed to deport aliens. We need our border laws enforced. We need the wall completed.

But Biden refuses to do any of that. So this problem will only get worse.