After A Stranger Told Her To Take A DNA Test, She’s Never Speaking To Her Family Again…


A shocking revelation tore a family apart when a stranger contacted a woman named Lane on TikTok, leading her to discover the startling truth about her biological father. As LaneIsCool14, she shared the heart-wrenching account of how the stranger’s message upended her life, causing her to sever ties with her mother and rethink her entire upbringing.

The stranger urged Lane to take a DNA test, which eventually revealed that the man she believed to be her biological father was not. In a scandalous turn of events, it turned out that the stranger who contacted her on social media was, in fact, her biological dad. As a result, Lane cut off contact with her mother for maintaining the lie about her true parentage for decades.

Recalling the beginning of the ordeal on TikTok, Lane shared, “About a year ago now, on January ninth, I get a text message telling me to get a DNA test from Ancestry, and I think it’s fake.” However, a friend persuaded her to respond to the message, which the stranger assured was not spam and urged her to review her DNA matches on

Lane informed the stranger that she had previously taken a 23andMe test, hoping to uncover something exotic or royal in her heritage but only found her expected English and Irish roots. The stranger, who used a burner account to keep their identity concealed, contacted both Lane and her husband, encouraging her to take the test to discover any surprising matches.

The stranger hinted at undisclosed family members, prompting Lane to confront her mother. “Obviously, I called my mom immediately, saying, ‘What the f**k,’” she recounted. Lane’s parents had divorced when she was nine, and her mother had always portrayed herself as an alcoholic and her father as a cheater. To Lane’s astonishment, her mother admitted to having an affair with a man ten years her junior while in college.

Taking the test, Lane found her biological father in California. She reached out to him and learned he was British.

“He said my mom sent him a Christmas card when I was two years old, saying my name in it, and that he’s googled my name ever since. In 2007, my name popped up, and he saw a picture of me, and he knew immediately that I was his daughter,” Lane shared.

In a tragic twist, her biological father had been watching her life unfold on social media, witnessing her dating, getting married, and having children, all from afar without ever knowing her personally. Lane has since blocked her mother and informed the man who raised her that he is not her biological father, forever altering the family dynamics.

Source: AWM