Adult Diaper ‘Therapy’ Spa Receives Backlash from N.H. Residents


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) A bed and breakfast catering to self-described Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers (ABDL) in a small New Hampshire town has drawn criticism and backlash from the local community.

The Diaper Spa which is located at 23 Pope Road in Atkinson, N.H., is advertised on its website as being a “physician-run diaper salon” that serves “all diaper-wearing individuals who seek acceptance, respite, and care.”

A business filing with the state’s Secretary of State’s office was rejected because the filing indicated that owner Colleen Ann Murphy created the business, which was categorized by the state as a health care and social assistance business in December 2023, according to the Post Millennial.

Among the “services” of the business are a free 30-minute “discovery call” with “resident Diaper Doctor” Murphy, a one-hour “virtual play date/zoom visit with doc” for $200, a “ABDL Nursery Spa Care” for $300 minimum, a $1,500 “Diaper B&B,” among other things.

A gallery on the website also shows a room with an adult-sized crib, a chest full of adult-sized diapers in childish prints and stuffed animals placed around the house.

Murphy herself is described on the website as an “exceptionally trained and licensed [“neurodivergent”] medical doctor with over two decades of knowledge and experience in nurturing others.”

Among other “activities” that are included in the visit are “playtime, story time, nap time, cuddle time, changing time, coloring, nursery rhymes and sing-a-longs,” with seasonal offerings like picnics, pool time and tea time in the summer and building snowmen, drinking hot chocolate and decorating cookies in the winter.

“We have a trail practically from the backyard leading along a pond and a private walk to a fun park all year. Other secluded walking trails are easily accessible to our facility on foot,” a since now-deleted Jan. 26, 2024, version of the website stated.

The reason why this portion about the park was removed was because of the backlash from the residents that resulted in the successful petition regarding the adults who would be walking around children in the park while wearing diapers.

Before creating the petition, Kayla Gallagher, an Atkinson resident and mother of three, expressed her concerns about “field trips” to the local playground.

“That is something that I will never be willing to expose my kids to, so now we will no longer be able to use that park,” Gallagher said.

Mike Vigliotta, another resident, also criticized the organization for their desire to allow their clients to expose themselves this way in front of minors.

“I’m sure there’s a lot of kids that live around here, and what type of people are going to do that? People who are looking at children or being children by wearing diapers and being treated like a baby. That kind of concerns me. Who knows what that leads to,” he said.