Abandoned Puppy Gets Adopted After Viral Border Video


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A saddened puppy went viral on Twitter after border reporters shared images depicting its apparent abandonment by its owner, a Venezuelan illegal immigrant. 

NewsNation correspondent Jorge Ventura initially shared a heartbreaking video of the puppy attempting to keep warm inside an abandoned rag.

“A migrant abandoned their adorable little puppy before crossing the Rio Grande. Little guy was terrified,” Ventura said, also sharing a brief video showing the abandoned puppy.

The puppy seemed to be on the Mexican side of the border. Ventura mentioned in the video that other immigrants informed him the dog’s owner had left him there before entering the U.S. illegally.

“This dog travelled with the migrants over seven different countries, through the Darian Gap, through Mexico. They just crossed and left this dog here,” Ventura said. 

The video garnered over one million views, with conservatives asking Ventura how they could help rescue the abandoned puppy. 

The puppy’s heartbreaking story found a happy ending after Ventura, along with independent journalist Julio Rosas, returned to Mexico in a bid to rescue the abandoned dog.

“Glad to report this little guy is headed to the sunshine state with [Rosas],” Ventura said in a Twitter post. 

The news of the adoption was celebrated by Twitter commentators, with Rosas sharing his Venmo account to raise funds for the dog’s veterinary visits.

“Happy to report I’m taking the puppy who was abandoned by a migrant back home with me,” Rosas said. “If you’re inclined to give to my venmo to help pay for vet visits, it would be appreciated. Anything that is leftover will go towards a no-kill dog shelter my Mom volunteers at.” 

On Christmas Eve, Rosas shared before-and-after photos of the dog, which he named “Bella.” 

“Merry Christmas from Bella! One week ago —> today,” Rosas said in a photo post featuring the newly adopted Bella wearing a red ribbon with a Christmas tree behind her.