A MAJOR Retailer Dumped Mike Lindell, They Just Got Hit With…

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Do you all remember last year, when the left began their campaign to cancel Mike Lindell?

Why were these “open-minded” geniuses pushing to cancel the CEO of MyPillow?

Well, he disagreed with the 2020 election results and called the rampant voter fraud that we all witnessed in the early hours of November.


For the Democrats, the election was completely “safe”, but that is not what 56% of Americans believe. In fact, more than half of Americans believe that there was cheating involved in the 2020 election.

Look at this new poll from Rasmussen:

Bed Bath and Beyond were one of those major retailers that chose to buckle to the woke mob and removed Mike Lindell’s pillows and products from their shelves.

Now the big question is, how did that work out for them?


I will give you all one guess…

They are folding like a house of cards and that is just as anyone with an ounce of business sense would suspect.

Bed Bath & Beyond continues to shut underperforming locations, with dozens of closures planned for early this year.

Translation: they’re going under.

CNBC reported that Bed Bath and Beyond released a list of 37 locations spread across 19 states where liquidation sales have already kicked off and the shops are expected to close by the end of February. It includes five Bed Bath shops in California, seven in New York, and one in New Jersey.

In 2020, Bed Bath announced it planned to shut about 200 of its core banner stores over two years, as part of its broader turnaround efforts. It’s also in the midst of remodeling locations to reduce clutter and add brighter signage and new brands.

When Bed Bath reported its fiscal third-quarter results on Thursday, the home goods retailer said it has closed roughly 170 locations thus far and is still on track to hit 200 by year-end.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Tritton told analysts that the company will explore additional closures in the future. It also owns the Buybuy Baby banner, which was a bright spot for the business during the latest quarter as sales in home and bath goods at Bed Bath slowed.

In the past year, Bed Bath shares are down 24.5% and Mike Lindell is still going strong.

How’s that for karma?



53 thoughts on “A MAJOR Retailer Dumped Mike Lindell, They Just Got Hit With…

  1. So good to hear I called them and told them to remove me from their email and hard mail and said I would never shop there again and I’ve bought some big ticket items so guess what I can get most of what I need either with My Pillow or somewhere else and I am very selective on the somewhere else’s.

  2. I too have sent the same bye bye regards to all who have given Mike the heave ho….


    TRUMP 2024

  3. our family will never buy from Bed Bath And Beyond or others that did give into woke and what they did to Mike Lindell

  4. I too was a big time shopper at Bed and Bath untillzzzzzzzz. Have not been in the store since nor ordered anything. Hope they got the message!!!

  5. Actually, I quit going to Bed Bath and Beyond as soon as I heard they took Mike Lindell’s pillows off their shelves!

  6. Get WOKE got BROKE. could not happen to a betty company, hope more of them go under. I hate that it is going to effect so many workers, but like Dicks Sporting and Field and Stream managements “stupid is as Stupid Does” mindset has earned them this demise.

  7. Never liked them anyway but my wife shopped their. But after they dropped Mike , She stopped. So bad. ” Go Wolk Go Broke”. Duh.

  8. Good. Im guessing they got what they deserve. Stupid to not do business with Mike Lindell. He is a Patriot. Its what rhis Nation is all about.
    Good bye BBB.
    No one really gives a rats butt.

  9. As long as the B_B_B retail woke mob gives the sinners the upper hand, they are destined for self destruction. I think it is fitting and deserved for their hate and arrogance. GO FOR IT MIKE!

  10. Good for everyone dropping bed bath and beyond. Hit them where their money comes from . Go buy from Conservatives , Christian, God Fearing peoples stores. Lets put a stop to all this ,non american crap that is taking away all of our freedoms. Thank you Mike Lindell and everyone else that feels this way in the USA. Down with the NFL and NBA also. Stop buying their tickets. Stop going to the games and spend your money on the college games. Bring back American freedom.

  11. I wrote a letter to Kohl’s and told them to cancel my account. I haven’t returned in two years. Also stopped going to Target after they allowed men to use women’s facilities!

  12. Hooray reuse store sites for Local needs:
    Voc/Tech Ed
    Per Local needs

  13. I had bought a pillow topper from Mike before all of this started and was really pleased I made a mistake on the size when I ordered and they very graciously changed the size for me and told me to donate the one I had to some charity and refunded me the difference in the toppers Sounds as if BED Bath and Beyond bite their nose off to spite their face. i never mess with Gods children He sees all

  14. Remember Woka-Cola, Home Depot and several other retailers have declared war on us. I also skip Gillette due to their brilliant “Razors for Rapists” ad campaign.

  15. I gave them back their coupon in front of other customers to tell them why I would never be walking into their store again.

  16. I hope everyone that tried to put Mike out of business goes out of business themselves! Go Woke, Go Broke! Go Mike and Trump! MAGA!

  17. I used to shop there all the time, but when they cancelled Mike Lindell and My Pillow, I cancelled them. Karma is a bitch isn’t it?

  18. Looking at this article it is obvious that BB&B stated they were closing approximately 200 stores before the election. The writer of this article needs to read what he writes so as not to make Trump supporters look as dumb as Democrats

  19. They earned their demise with their stupidity.

    I have not stepped foot in a bed Bath and beyond ever since and will not.

  20. I do on occasion shop at BBB, but am not happy with what they did with My Pillow.
    I am dealing with limited mobility issues so when a major sale arises and I need a product
    I will make sure I buy sale items,

    So I will buy direct, and now expecting a purchase this week.

  21. Way to go. We made them , we can take them down. We need to do this with all these hot shots that want to side with the Socialist & Communist.

  22. Hey, is that (BBB) where Biden got his “Build Back Better” slogan from? Looks like they’re both going to have the same demise. Birds of a feather, flock together! Go WOKE, go BROKE!

  23. When I was a kid (Yes, we had electricity back then), I was told (sic)’Money talks and bullshit walks.’
    I’m guessing the Left isn’t willing to spend enough of their own money to keep their woke buddies afloat.

  24. I just love it when these trusted companies show us just who and what they are.
    Mike has my approval and to prove it I just gave all my family (19) a MY PILLOW
    for Christmas 2021. One thing now is a positive I will not shop at B&B&B ever again
    even if they MIGHT have a store someplace around me. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND

  25. I hope they go flat broke and any other business that caters to this WOKE , CANCEL CULTURE, POLITICALLY CORRECT crap. Tell that Puerto Rican Bartender and her “Squad” members that we are all tired of their crap too. If they don’t like this country then pack up and get their sorry asses out of here. They can take Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and that Cackling Hen “Giggles” with them. “Let’s Go Brandon”. TRUMP 2024 MAGA

  26. Gee, Bob. Give the poor store a break. Why, Bed, Bath, and Bitchy is no more stupid than, oh, say, The Salvation Army is! Or maybe Gillette. Yeah, Gillette. Hey, losing only 700 million dollars in sales is not too bad, is it?

  27. Us Unfortunately Walmart also stopped selling Lindell’s products and their prices are often good for struggling folks. I wsh I could reject them.

  28. Mark,
    I think you mean “bean”, not “been”. Any supporter of Mike Lindell knows that.

  29. Hi, Doc,
    I think you should have use the word “thare” rather than “their”. That’s the way anyone as smart as Mike Lindell would have spelled it.

  30. Yes, Heather, we did too! We had 3 weddings coming up last year and all family/friends were asked to save their coupons for the couples. When we heard abour Mike Lindell, I collected ALL the coupons, sent them to the CEO of BBB and told him none of these would be used. The couples were all set to purchase their household items from BBB, and they agreed with our action and looked elsewhere for their needs!!! My weekly trips to BBB have been cancelled and we haven’t been back in over one year. So now the CEO is closing locations instead of making amends with Mike Lindell? Stupid financial decision, Mr. Triton.

  31. You really believe we all witnessed fraud? How blind as Americans we have become. I praise God he gave me a mind to think, eyes to see and wisdom to know when I am being brainwashed like on here. I use to enjoy reading truth. And no 56% of Americans do not believe there is or was voter fraud. Why is it that even the Arizona recount produced more voters for Biden? I believe he is the wrong one to run our country but I also believe Trump is as well. People better stop believing everything they hear on tv and reding what they read on places like this. Did you know trump even in the 2016 election where he won for Christ Saks declared their was fraud. How have we as Christian Americans not putting God first. Not Trump not even our own country. We better head back to our knees before a house falls on you too.

  32. Hey, I’m still waiting for my comment to be approved, …following your “awaiting moderation”. It’s only 4 small sentences:-) Nothing naughty!!!

  33. Hey Robert Cook, it is better to remain silent and be thought an idiot than to open your mouth (write a note) and remove all doubt.

  34. All of us who stopped shopping at BB&B after they banned Mike’s products should send a terse, strongly worded, letter to BB&B management explaining exactly why we stopped. Make sure management knows that the downturn in sales at their stores is due in great part to their action regarding Mike’s products, and not some general downturn in the economy.


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