A Democrat Leader Has Been ARRESTED In Florida, Massive Prison Time On The Way…

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Another day, another local politician exposed in a shocking series of crimes. Over the years, we’ve learned about city officials who were caught breaking the law. Almost always, they were Democrats. Isn’t funny how Democrats seem to think the law doesn’t apply to them?

But most of the time, these leftists don’t face a single penalty for their crimes.

In the red state of Florida, the mayor of North Beach Miami was Democrat Anthony DeFillipo. Local laws require elected officials to comply by strict rules, if they want to serve in office. Investigators looked into something fishy about DeFllipio’s actions. And now, he’s facing the music.

From The Blaze:

The mayor of North Beach Miami in Florida – a Democrat – is facing 15 years in prison after being arrested and charged with voter fraud…

The North Miami Beach city charter requires elected officials to reside in the city…

An investigation into DeFillipo allegedly revealed that the Democrat mayor relocated to his residence in Davie.

Yikes, this looks bad. North Miami Beach requires that elected officials to live in the city. But the very mayor was residing in Davie. He even served on the HOA in the neighborhood! He claimed that he owned two homes. But cell phone data showed that he drove from Davie to North Miami Beach to vote in three different elections in 2022.

Which is against the law. So, DeFillipo has been charged with three counts of voter fraud. The total penalty for these charges is fifteen years in prison.

Why do Democrats seem to think they are above the law? Why did it appear that DeFillipo think he could serve as mayor in one city, but live in another? This seems to happen all the time with Democrats–they conveniently forget the rules, when it comes to their own actions.

But the big question is, if proven guilty, will DeFillipo actually face justice? Or will he somehow get off scot-free, like so many other Democrats? The people of North Miami Beach deserve a mayor who will actually obey the law.

If he isn’t convicted, the very least they should do is recall him.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat mayor of North Miami Beach was arrested on three counts of voter fraud.
  • If convicted, he could end up in jail for fifteen years.
  • DeFillipo violated a city ordinance by living in another town while serving office.

Source: The Blaze